2015 National Conference

IDF 2015 National Conference, New Orleans, LA

IDF is pleased to provide the presentations from the IDF 2015 National Conference. The majority of the presentations can be accessed, however not all presentations are available. We appreciate the work of all IDF National Conference presenters, and we hope the primary immunodeficiency community can learn from the valuable content shared.
Click here to visit the National Conference Presentations page.


Photos from the IDF 2015 National Conference are hosted on the IDF Flickr page. Press or click the right side of the picture below to click through all of the IDF 2015 National Conference photos. You can also press or click the center of the picture to visit the IDF Flickr page.

IDF 2015 National Conference  - All Photos

2015 Final Program

Click here to download the IDF 2015 National Conference program.